Luon's Journal - Session 75

Well, it wasn’t Renaldo after all, but none other than Ahz-Radamant himself, appearing to us as a massive snake, colored black, red and gold. In his presence there is a sense of immense destructive power.

In our discussions with him, he invites Sirathen to become his herald. This offer comes with two requirements. One, he must become living again, and two, he must break his connection with House Eltrus. How Sirathen managed to get into House Eltrus as a follower of Ahz-Radamant didn’t make much sense to me anyway. Sirathen accepted the offer, and will apparently be creating his own house, dedicated to Ahz-Radamant but not born juan-ti. We’ll see how that goes…

He also offered Selin a gift, which was to be delivered by her brothers in the Pergisursian capital when we returned.

When I asked about the origins of the Barrier of Souls, Ahz-Radamant bade me to look into House Blackwater documents regarding the Ring of Sorrows.

After that Ahz-Radamant faded away, we returned to the nagas. Thier leader – I wish she had given us her name – led us to a portal that took us to an island off the coast of the capital of the elemental kingdom. Thoragen and Selin used one of Thoragen’s infusions to fly to the next island, where the airships dock. They were going to return with a boat for the rest of us to use to cross, but a water elemental turned up and offered us a ride. We were a bit hesitant, but the trip proved to be worth it. It was surrounded by what looked like gelatinous cubes, which kept the sharks away from us. We can’t help but wonder if these were actually minions of the aboleth we had encountered previously. In any event, we were safely transported to the island, where we caught the ferry back to the capital.

We checked in at the ARC and spent the night at the inn there. The ARC gave us the two water breathing rings we had borrowed previously as reward for the information and items we brought back with us. That night was interesting. Sirathen had been told to go to sleep and he would be alive when he woke in the morning. What we didn’t know was how that would happen. I woke in the night to the smell of smoke, which turned out to be coming from Sirathen’s room. Luckily he hadn’t locked the door. I went inside, and his bed was aflame with him in it! I tossed the water basin onto him to extinguish the flames. He woke up and I explained to him that he was on fire. He hadn’t become live yet, so he needed to go back to sleep. We went down into the common room, and despite how odd it sounded, the barkeep’s daughter allowed us to extinguish the fire in the fireplace, and Sirathen bedded down in there.

He burst into flame again, of course, but since he was in the hearth and wasn’t hurting anything, I allowed it to continue. This was Ahz-Radamant’s will, after all. Who was I to tell him no? I fell asleep after while. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get smell out of my nose ever again. In the morning, all that was left was a charred, crispy shell. I gave it a kick, and the burnt parts flaked off, revealing a now-living Sirathen underneath. We paid for the damages to the room, and got out of there before anyone started asking questions. From there we headed to the airship docks and chartered a private airship to return us to Pergisursia.

Luon's Journal - Session 75

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