Luon's Journal - Session 76

The return to Pergisursia was uneventful, thankfully. It gave Selin and I some time to read the books about the magi towers that we borrowed from the naga.

As we approached Pergisursia, we noted that there was a pitched battle off to the southeast, beyond the barrier. When we arrived at the capital, we were informed that the attack was from the juan-ti that we fled from in the elemental kingdoms. Very strange that they should attack right after that. After some discussions with our various houses, it was decided that we should head to the battle front and help out. We’re just waiting for the next available train.

During this time, Selin received the proffered gift from Ahz-Radamant. I don’t recall much of the ceremony – it’s like I was there, but wasn’t there.

In addition to Selin getting her gift, Krellem also appears to have received his own personal guard from his chapter house. I’m hoping these guys aren’t going to be follownig us everywhere.

Luon's Journal - Session 76

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