Luon's Journal - Session 93

It seems some of Thoragen’s deceptions have come home to roost. He was very publicly murdered this morning. It was apparently from a box that had been delivered to him – a poison in the form of a spell that jumped out and bit him from the box. We intercepted the procession carrying his body from the Red Forge to one of the temples and had it brought to the Palace. After some discussion, Virgil brought Thoragen back to life.

We queried Thoragen on who would want him killed, and it seems he has had quite a few dealings with others that would want him dead. His time trapped in the Barrier could have brought House Eltrus down on him. He revealed to us that he never killed his duplicate in the tower, and when the duplicate – who apparently didn’t have a soul – showed up at the Emblem Keep later in the day we left, the girl necromancer put Thoragen’s soul into the duplicate’s body. That’s how he was able to come back.

He also told us that House Dresden could want him dead because the ruby – I think it was called the Trogdor Ruby by Virgil – was given as payment by Madame Mothwing for a box he delivered to her. The ruby had been promised to House Dresden.

We decided that Thoragen should stay in the palace and that we should investigate his murder as if he was actually still dead. How exactly remained to be decided. We engaged the capital’s investigative/law branches to see what could be done. House Burcia didn’t want to get involved. House Esgard said they would track down Agrijag and bring question him. The Purgisursian Legion wanted to find them all and kill them. Not wanting to start, or fund, a war on the assassin’s guild, we opted for House Esgard.

Luon's Journal - Session 93

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