Luon's Journal - Session 98

Session 98:

Cedric’s men found one of the three elven brothers and delivered him to the palace. Any by delivered, I mean dead and bleeding, hurled against the main door. We pulled the body inside and with Throagen’s ability to cast speak with dead, questioned the body. From asking him the proper questions, we were able to discover the names of everyone that Agrijag was working with – about 130 or so names, along with a list of 17 addresses that were known hideouts for Agrijag and his men. They were completely different than the list of Assassin’s Guild names. This means that the group Agrijag is working with is not the Assassin’s Guild. Whether he is forming his own guild, or something else is still unknown, but he definitely appears to want the guild eliminated. We also discovered the Agrijag is going to attempt to assassinate everyone that is going to attend the moot next week. The various houses will need to be warned.

We made copies of the list of names and summoned the Legion representative and Cedric to the palace. Luckily they weren’t there at the same time – although there was a close encounter. We were lucky that the Legion rep didn’t know who Cedric was. The Legion was given the new list with instructions to destroy the old one and to no longer pursue those on the original list. Hopefully this will take care of the issue with Cedric. We also gave a copy of the list to Cedric. I told Cedric that given his set of skills, he could have the elven corpse. What he did with it, I definitely didn’t expect. I thought maybe he’d just animate it and have it follow him out. What happened, I’m not quite sure, but I was stunned by the sheer evil of the process. I can’t even begin to describe it. After he was finished, Cedric left the elf, now undead, standing and talking, with us and told him we could do what we wanted with it.

We questioned it extensively, and from the information we decided to eliminate the threat to Krellem’s chapter house. We went out the Garden of Heroes and took a carriage ride to the abandoned house across the street from the chapter house. Disguised as halflings due to Summer’s magic, we got out of the carriage and with my earth sight, I was able to determine that there was an assassin and two archers in one of the buildings. We went inside, planning to take them out. We let the elf take care of them. Turns out he’s a wizard, seemingly of significant power.

We took the bodies with us so that Agrijag and his men would think they abandoned their post, and went back to the palace and had the bodies disposed of. The group had some debate over whether we should get rid of the elf. I think we should, but Krellem’s on an “enemy of enemy” kick and wants to keep him around to use against the others. Sirathen invited the elf to spar in the Garden of Heroes. When they were finished, the elf looked tired and weak. I tried to take him out with a firebolt, but the elf turned the spell and redirected it at an assassin that had been hiding in the bushes. He even seemed to increase the power of the spell as he did that. At this point, I don’t know how we’re going to get rid of the thing. And I’m not sure it’s really under our control, or under Cedric’s with orders to do what we tell it to.

Luon's Journal - Session 98

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