Luon's Journal - Sessions 100-103

Upon arrival at the library, I was telling Medius Libre Victor Skarsgard about the situation and was getting ready to go wake Atma Libri Catelyn Kant when Sirathen and Thoragen arrived. Thoragen said that we didn’t need to wake her and had our own way to the Barrier, so we left the Library.

As it turns out, the burst of fire was from Thoragen tossing Madame Mothwing’s card into the forge. This summoned a Djinn named Salazar, who provided Thoragen with a wish. His wish was for an airship (and crew to pilot it) just like Linden Windborne’s. We decided to leave the ensuing fires started by the blast to the citizens of the city, and we boxed up Agrijag/Nimrith, boarded the airship and took off for the border.

The trip to the border took a week, during which time we were subjected to very strange behavior. Inanimate objects kept moving on their own, in increasingly dangerous ways. We kept checking the boxes to make sure nothing had gotten out, and it hadn’t, so we really didn’t have an explanation for the phenomenon, until we took a look at the mirror in Krellem’s room. It appeared to be a gateway to the far realm, and things were stirring on the other side. I grabbed the mirror and ran it out and tossed it overboard. Whether smashing the mirror caused the gate to force the being through, or whether it got through just before the mirror smashed we don’t know, but the end result is that a large, multi-tentacled abberation appeared in the open ground where the mirror dropped.

We debated leaving it behind, but didn’t want to be responsible for any destruction it would cause should it move. Several shots were fired from the elemental cannon that it wound up directing back at us, so we had to take care of it up close and personal. It was a tough fight, but we prevailed. What it left behind was a large crystal orb shaped like an eye. It was about the size of a goat ball. As we approached, it started to pull everything around it into itself, until Krellem hit it with one of his durnskald based spells. When it was dormant, it would just hover in place. We put a bag over it and were able to move it, but once we let it go, it just stayed in place. We took it back to the ship and tied it to the deck. We kept watch over it while we continued our journey. Every once in a while it would activate, then Krellem would hit it again and it would go back to being dormant.

Arriving at the Barrier, we enacted our plan to rid ourselves of Nimrith. One at a time, we tossed the boxes into the Barrier. We could see it absorb the soul portions of Nimrith, but instead of just dissipating like the others we had seen, all 18 pieces of him coalesced into one soul visible inside the barrier. He tried to come out at us, but couldn’t get out. After a few minutes, he started heading for the nearest Emblem Keep. We got back into the airship and headed in the same direction to warn the Keep.

We were granted an audience with the top ranking member of house Eltrus at the keep. The room the elf spoke with us in was strange, with runes in various places and we could see some remnants of blood here and there. While we were talking with him, warning him about Nimrith, something seemed very odd. I used my true seeing to try and gain some more insight, and was greeted with a much different view. The room was huge and was in direct contact with the barrier. The runes were much more prevalent and the whole thing seemed like some sort of sacrifice chamber. In addition, the elf wasn’t an elf, but a giant green dragon. I immediately stopped the true seeing, and urged the group to wrap it up. We excused ourselves and got out of there as quick as we could. When asked at the ship what the rush was, I let everyone know. The dragon didn’t immediately attack when we were in the building, so he either didn’t care that I saw what I saw, or he didn’t realize that I had seen it.

We decided next to take the crystal eye to the Winged Temple for safekeeping. On our way, Selin informed her father of what we saw at the Keep with regards to the elf actually being a dragon. He was very concerned and said he’d bring it up at the moot, which was currently under way.

The temple wouldn’t take the eye until we could show them how to deactivate it if it activated. Deciding it was bad for them to find out how we did it, we settled for renting a portable stasis chamber from the Temple and take it with us. Since it had been a few days, we figured that it was past the time that Nimrith’s soul would arrive at the Keep, we headed back that way to see what happened. Arriving at the keep, the Barrier was much brighter than it was before, and it appeared to keep trying to move. At our request, the elder came out to the ship to let us know what had happened. He had been able to defeat Nimrith’s soul, but the effect was what we saw. The force of his soul was trying to compel the wall to move. It was at that point we realized that the barrier had its name for a reason – it was comprised of souls. Again, the elder let us take our leave, and we headed back to Purgisursia.

Luon's Journal - Sessions 100-103

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