Luon's Journal - Sessions 103-105

It was at that point that Salazar returned. While the appearance of a djinn in the middle of our conversation was a little disconcerting, we nevertheless took it in stride. After all, it really wasn’t any weirder than any of the other things that had been happening to us. Everyone always seems to know what we’re doing before we do. Anyhow, he had come back because it had come to his attention that we were in posession of a friend of his. This turned out to be that Trogdor Ruby that Thoragen had been carrying around. Thoragen turned over the ruby, but while we had Salazar’s attention, we asked him if he had any idea what the crystal eye was and we got it out and showed him. He told us that it was an actual eye that belonged to a being from the Far Realm. He indicated that we must have caught the attention of this being and that the eye activated whenever the being wanted to get a look at us. We asked how we could get rid of it and he agreed that smashing it should do it, however he said that it would probably anger the owner. Not wanting to do that just yet, we opted for putting it back in the portable stasis chamber.

The trip back was almost uneventful. Just before getting back to the city, Krellem received a warning from Brother Jeffrey that the city was in open civil war. We would not be able to use the air docks or the train to return. Apparently King Virgil had confronted House Eltrus about the green dragon and they denied it, at which point someone tried to assassinate the king and all hell broke loose. Krellem was given orders to quell the uprising. We spent the next bit of travel time discussing various scenarios to get us into the city.

We landed outside the city, to the north, where we were met by Old Ironeye. He had orders from the palace to get us into the city and had a way in through the undercity. We came out through an old temple dedicated to Pelor and were met by the Burcian soldiers that had gone with us to the battle out beyond the Barrier. Between them and Old Ironeye, we had gotten a decent picture of what was going on in the city. The royal family had gone into hiding, the Palace was under siege by rebels and rebels had control of both House Io and House Burcia.

We first went to House Io, as they had taken Ozzo hostage and were threatening him should anyone try to come into the House. While normally we would have said “good luck with that”, we realize what would happen should Ozzo change form. We picked up a bunch of House Io’s loyalists on the way there and they filled us in. We tried to warn the dragon holding Ozzo that it was in his best interest to let the halfling go, he wouldn’t listen. One of the Burcian soldiers had a brilliant idea that would get House Io out of the city before Ozzo changed and take care of House Burcia’s issue at the same time. We agreed and had them do a gating ritual that took all of House Io and transported it to House Burcia outside the city. Once it happened it was a sight to behold. You could see the immense form of Ozzo from where we stood, and he wasn’t happy. The red dragon that had been threatening Ozzo now knew he had made a terrible mistake. I couldn’t help but laugh as the destruction ensued. The remainder of those from House Io went to the scene to try and get Ozzo to calm down.

Those two houses taken care of, we headed for the palace. Rebels had been laying siege but were now fleeing from the sight of Ozzo. We cut them down as they tried to run past us. The siege on the palace now broken, we went inside and talked with Fang and Summer. Summer indicated that she felt the presence of about 18 risen men in the city. One was in the direction of House Eltrus, which was going to be our next destination. We left her to Fang’s care and headed for House Eltrus. We picked up a contigent of Eltrus loyalists on our way, along with shadows from Cedric. As we approached House Eltrus, the majority of the loyalists were hit by a fireball with black tinges and were immediately killed and reanimated as zombies. With the Burcians still in tow (including Big Ben Bloodbath), we managed to wipe the zombies out – although there were these strange black cyclones approaching that kept dropping more. By House Eltrus was an elf dressed in black.

We focused our attention on the elf, which after tons of damage caused by Ben, we discovered was also a green dragon that was being controlled by corrupted tshochar. That really got our attention. We managed to kill it – or them – or whatever you want to call it when they’re in that form. I had to wonder if that was what Summer was detecting or not. We then turned our attention to the House itself. It was completely barricaded up – from the outside. Whatever was in there, the were trying to keep it there. Our guess is that the rest of any house members inside are being controlled by tshochar. Krellem and I were headed back to the palace to get more information from Summer on how to detect them, when apparently the front door opened and Thoragen tried to go up and close it again. When will that man ever learn? Selin summoned us back to the house.

Luon's Journal - Sessions 103-105

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