Luon's Journal - Sessions 106-108

[Session 106]

Upon our return, [Krellem used his ability to go to the plane of shadow to see what he could see. Note – someone correct me here, I can’t remember if it was Krellem that did it, or if it was Selin.] When he looked at the house in the plane of shadow, the house wasn’t there, but it was just a big weird aberration in the shape of a house, with eyes where the windows were and a mouth where the front door was.

The Burcians were more than happy to start cutting their way through the front door, so we allowed them to do that while we tried to go in the side door that had been barricaded. We removed the barricades and opened the door, and a big mouth lashed out and grabbed Sirathen, swallowing him whole. Krellem began hacking his way into the door, while Selin and I tried to find alternatives. The upper windows appeared to be occupied by some big pink fleshy being – possibly the same thing that swallowed Sirathen. We began to take shots at it through the windows. The damage we did began to form into hot pustules, which eventually exploded, coating everything in its path with red-hot goo. It still appeared to be damaging whatever it was, so we kept at it. After a couple more bursts, it retreated away from the windows. Selin and I tried to move around the house to see if there were any other windows we could hit it from.

As we fought the house-abberation, the shadows controlled by Cedric had formed a dome over the house, cutting off our view of the rest of the city. We really didn’t pay attention to it because, well, we were fighting the house. Apparently we had finally killed the house-abberation, because all of a sudden the whole lower level just erupted in a gout of blood, which came flowing out of the house. My thought at the time was that we had just destroyed the entire city’s water supply because it was located below House Eltrus. We went inside the house to see what was left, which wasn’t much. We found Sirathen, and Thoragen, along with a cocoon plastered to one of the walls in the upper level. We cut open the cocoon and found an elf, unconscious. We brought him outside and revived him, as the house collapsed into a heap. The dome of shadows faded away, and when they were gone, we noticed we weren’t in the city any longer. In fact, it appeared we had been transported to the far realm.

[Session 107]

The sky was dark and filled with stars, none of which we recognized. A giant worm-like creature floated in the air above us. We really couldn’t tell how far up it was – it was either really far and really, really big, or it was smaller and closer. The far realm is apparently weird like that. The worm, for lack of a better description, just kept floating around up there, but appeared to be watching us. Before we could get the name of the elf, he went catatonic from the sight of the being in the sky.

Selin created her shelter and we all climbed inside, bringing the elf with us. While we were inside, the worm-being appeared to still be able to see us, but it didn’t seem to be threatening. Exhausted, we all got some sleep. In the morning, we were still in the same situation. Nobody knew what to do. Since the shelter was about to end, we all climbed out. Afterwards, the landscape started to change, becoming threatening and violent. The grasslands we were standing in began to transform, coming at us in a wave of sharp spikes. We were desperate to try and figure some thing out. I heard Krellem say the word “fine”, with a sigh.

Next thing I know we’re back on the airship. They crystal eye that we had brought aboard the ship after fighting the tentacled beast that came out of the mirror lay shattered at our feet. Everyone was confused. Apparently we were back at the same day we fought the creature over a week before. We verified this by talking to the crew and checking our possessions. We still had all the boxes with Nimrith in them, but we still also had the portable containment chamber we had purchased from the Winged Temple.

[Session 108]

Knowing that the assassination attempt at the moot was about to happen, and that our plan for Nimrith didn’t work, we decided to return to Pergisursia. We put all the Nimrith boxes into the one bag of holding and placed that inside the portable containment chamber. Krellem spent the rest of his day praying and I spent it trying to revive the elf to no avail. The next day Krellem checked the elf’s condition and discovered that he was severely corrupted. We had checked before our side-trip to the far realm and he had not been that way before. A discussion ensued as to what to do next. During the discussion we discovered that Krellem had somehow been bonded to the worm-being from the far realm, and that the elf was being used as a conduit to channel energy from the far realm for Xax. The bonding issue aside, this was not good. More argument and discussion ensued, and my idea to kill the elf was nixed.

Ultimately we came up with a plan. One that would hopefully prevent civil war in the city and take care of the Xax conduit issue. Some preparations were made via communications with Brother Jeffrey of Krellem’s house, and with the Purgisursian legion. Arriving in the city the next morning, we enacted the plan. Krellem went to the moot as the representative of his house – apparently Brother Jeffrey was already there instead of at the fort outside the barrier like we thought he was. Krellem led the representatives of all the other houses from the moot out to the city wall, where the rest of us had set up the elf. Krellem invited all the representatives to use their abilities for seeing the true nature of the elf – who also was apparently at the moot as well, in his pre-time loop form.

Selin used her powers to cut the elf’s divine link. This in itself was strange. Ordinarily, from what I understand, this should have been apparent to members of his house, but it seems that everyone in the city also felt it. After that, Thoragen used dispel magic to reveal the elf’s true form – that of a green dragon. Something else strange started happening at that point – the elf’s pre-time-jump self started to – well, for lack of a better term – implode. He seemed to be being crushed, but there didn’t seem to be any reason for it. The post-time-jump elf-turned-dragon opened his eyes, but appeared to be in a lot of pain and could not focus. Krellem tossed the pre-time-jump elf’s body onto the dragon’s body. By the time it hit the ground, it was completely crushed into a tiny ball. When it died, it also turned into a green dragon – the two bodies lay next to each other, identical except one appeared crushed. Everyone was, of course, shocked.

Krellem told the House Eltrus elder that he would need to explain the presence of green dragons in their ranks – when they were supposed to be limited to just elves – to the rest of the moot representatives, and that we also needed to have a private conversation about other things. The elder indicated that while they generally only accept elves, the dragons were the only ones capable of performing the tasks required to maintain the barrier, and he also agreed to the necessity of the private meeting. Krellem then pointed out a few other moot representatives that were corrupted to their respective elders so that each house could deal with their own. The Burcian one was killed immediately by his superior. The House Mandregoran one was immediately arrested.

Luon's Journal - Sessions 106-108

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