Luon's Journal - Sessions 109-110

[Session 109]

After that we went to House Io to check on Ozzo. He seemed to be fine. He seems to have taken to playing with all the dragon children. I can’t help but notice that he’s like Fang in that fashion. We invited him to come to Cara’s next party. While we were at House Io, Selin asked to speak to a house elder. Since she now has a divine spark, they actually ushered us in to see Avrellos, the Sky Tyrant himself. It was everything I could do not to wet myself. He had wanted to meet Selin ever since he had heard about her transformation. We informed him of the opportunistic red dragon that had taken Ozzo hostage in the uprising. He was concerned, since all the dragons had been warned to treat the halfling with kid gloves, and why. He thanked us for the information and we took our leave. That was not an encounter I would want to repeat anytime soon.

From there we headed back to the palace. I found Summer and asked her if she could teach us how to detect the presence of tsochar in a person. She thought that she should be able to teach Krellum easily enough, and possibly me. We would start in a couple of days. Afterwards, I regailed her with the tale of our trip.

[Session 110]

Krellum also asked her if she could teach him to detect the risen men. She thinks it will be possible. After leaving Summer, some of the companions went their separate ways. Cara to the ARC to look for training, and Sirathen to his people to do the same. I took Krellum with me to the Library, as I still had a list of names of those from the Library that were involved in the uprising. Selin came along as well. We explained the situation to Victor, and he agreed to summon them to a meeting. Krellum scanned each as they entered, and they were all corrupted. We started plying them for information, finding out that they were dedicated to Xax. At one point one of them tried to cast a fireball. I stopped him before he could, but then [the leader] tried the same thing. We weren’t able to kill him before he disappeared. He must have had some sort of contingency spell cast on him that returned him to his room when he got sufficiently damaged, because when I ran there, the room was already in flames and he was gone.

Once I made sure the fire was out, I returned to the others. Krellum and Victor had them tied up. We thought that maybe [the leader] could still be in the Library, causing other trouble, so Victor had Selin sever his tie to the house. We heard a scream from outside the room. I gave chase, but he still got away. Victor is having the house members do a Discern Location to track him down. He knows that we know how to do that, so he may take measures to avoid being detected.

We took the rest of the cabal to the house cells. Further questioning provided several more names, and the fact that official members all have varying tattoos dedicated to Xax. The house will have to deal with those six in the morning.

From there we proceeded to Cara’s house. We conferred with the house elder there, who confirmed that three of the names the Library cabal had given were members of her house and were now dead. The dragon that had been arrested at the wall that morning was one of the names. His carcass was still on the roof of the house. They were going to leave it intact so that we could question the dead the next morning. Krellem tried but couldn’t get it to work. We may need Thoragen.

Luon's Journal - Sessions 109-110

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