Luon's Journal - Sessions 111-113

[Session 111]

The next morning we went to House Eltrus. The elder there was actually very forthcoming with the information we sought. He confirmed that all of the keeps’ elders were green dragons. The reasoning behind this was that the elves weren’t powerful enough to perform the rituals required to maintain the barrier, and at one point were bending the rules to suit their own needs, so the responsibility was taken from them. He also conceded that the souls used for this purpose were those of criminals.

After our meeting with House Eltrus, we returned to the Library and took the prisoners to House Eltrus. After that Krellem went to the Legion where he helped root out more followers of Xax. Selin contacted her eldest brother to get additional information about the barrier. Apparently it was his house that had proposed the creation of the barrier and was behind its construction. That House no longer exists.

[Session 112]

The next couple of weeks went by fairly uneventfully, while we waited for Thoragen’s airship repairs. I was promoted to Medius Libre in the Chapter of the Forsaken Lore. It was a very nice ceremony, and I was provided with an animated shield. Everyone in the Library who could helped me to try tracking down the Xax follower that had gotten away. He stayed inside the city walls for a while, although every time we pinpointed his location, he would be gone by the time we got there. By the end of the 2nd week, he had gone from the city and was outside the barrier, in a ruined inn called the Merry Lord, which was in the old city of Corbus (sp?) located in the Ash Waste Ogre country of Dirth Pendle (John – feel free to correct any info here – my notes are a bit vague). He seems to have settled in there because 3 consecutive days of Discern Location put him there.

Once the airship was done, we headed out to the Winged Temple. We dropped off the Nimrith boxes and they placed him in containment and stasis fields. From there we started out for the Alabaster Isle. Selin also contacted her grandfather Renaldo, who told her he’d be able to get us to the Isle faster. He teleported us to the Key Complex.

[Session 113]

We had several different conversations with Renaldo. There’s still a lot of confusion on where the durnskald come from, although there’s little doubt that they are linked to Xax. Nobody knows where she came from either. We also discussed the towers. After that conversation, we’re thinking that the towers need to be destroyed in order to bring the planes back to where they should be.

Selin then had the idea for Renaldo to attempt to channel Azca into her to make her more powerful instead of taking the long road of gathering followers. We told her this was a terrible idea, but she insisted. We were right. The process turned her body to ash. Because of her divine spark, she will return, apparently in a week or so. Renaldo will transport her to our current location at the time. After that, he teleported the rest of us to the Alabaster Isle.

A contingent of Krellem’s house was waiting for us at the docks. He went with them while the rest of us headed to find an Inn.

Luon's Journal - Sessions 111-113

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