Luon's Journal - Sessions 114-115

[Session 114]

We ultimately decided to stay on the airship, since we all have rooms there anyway. Makes sense, and keeps the costs of inns from burdening the group fund. Krellem came back eventually. Apparently he’s still in good standing with his chapter, and he’s allowed to openly display his current condition without repercussions. Hopefully he won’t scare anyone.

We went out to the grotto to do some scouting. When we got back, there was a letter waiting for us at the airship, saying that Rav Halster was waiting for us at the The Golden Flagon with information. We decided to go, interested that this quite possibly was Val’s brother. We spoke with him a little bit about his family, since Val had asked us to help find his parents. As far as Rav knew, they were in trouble, but still alive. Apparently there is some in-fighting going on in House Derth and they fell on the wrong side of things.

The information the grotto came at a cost, of course. I refused to pay on principle, especially after he mentioned the cost of the information regarding the disappearance of the books from the Library regarding the Barrier of Souls. Apparently Thoragen went ahead and paid for the information about the grotto after I stormed out. Admittedly, the information seemed to be fairly accurate, though certain details about the inhabitants of the grotto were not available.

[Session 115]

We did a little bit of planning based on the information. Krellem selected his spells accordingly, and Thoragen prepared some scrolls and infusions to help protect us. We purchased some potions that would help protect from any poisons, but as it turned out, we didn’t wind up needing them. The expedition didn’t quite go as expected. The centipedes, if you can call them that, were crafty, but in the end, we persevered. Now how to get the giant skull of Othanops out of 90 foot deep hole before the tide comes in and fills the grotto with water…

Luon's Journal - Sessions 114-115

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