Luon's Journal - Sessions 120-121

[Session 120]
The fate-weavers showed up again the next night. After some additional conversation, they proceeded to teach Krellem how to create a risen man on his own. Once Krellem learned the ritual, we said goodbye to the fate-weavers and headed back to our ship, and ultimately Pergesursia. During the trip back, Thoragen upgraded my hammer and my armor.

Once we arrived back in Pergesursia, we went to the library to utilize a containment chamber so Krellem could experiment with the risen men. Utilizing a body from the library’s medical research lab, Krellem repeated the process that the fate-weavers taught him. Once created, Krellem removed the focus required for the rutual from the body and attempted to cleanse it. This happened several times. It seems the more valuable or intricate the focus, the stronger the risen man was. The stone focus returned to being a stone when it was cleansed. The pearl exploded when it was cleansed. Utilizing a heart as a focus returned it to a heart when cleansed. Krellem was unable to duplicate the process that turned him into what he is.

[Session 121]
The next day, I spent most of my time around the library, reading. The Planar Bindings and Azca Node books are very hard to follow, but I must keep studying. I also need to dig into the two books regarding the Magi Towers. We’re going to need to figure out how to destroy those towers. Krellem and I both feel that they are most likely the cause of all the planar bleeding happening in the world today.

It seems that Selin spent her day attempting to gain more followers. I know she doesn’t really want to do this, but from what I understand from the conversations I’ve been privy to, it’s necessary to increase her deific powers. It must have been quite the scene at the Red Forge, because Cara’s description of the events of the day were almost comical. I think she needs to stop talking and start acting. The display she put on at the moot was quite powerful. She needs to do more things like that, although currently there aren’t any threats to the city for her to put down.

Luon's Journal - Sessions 120-121

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