My Bird

That annoying druid showed up with some people and an idiot named Harold. Harold pissed off the cats and vaporized himself by grabbing the staff. But who cares, my egg has finally hatched!!!

Even though I have been waiting so long for my bird to hatch, I haven’t put any thought into what to name per yet. I suppose I won’t really know until we spend some time together and I get a sense of my little one’s personality.

Per is so small and delicate! There are a few starts of feathers on the wings and pers back. I don’t understand how people can think that baby birds are ugly! What a beautiful stage this is! I can’t wait to see all the changes my baby is going to go through!

*Note to readers: Per is a gender neutral pronoun. It works like:

Since mechanical creatures, psicrystals, some humanoids & etc. in D&D don’t have genders, this is how genderless beings are referred to by Pergisursian society.

My Bird

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