Old Arcadia


Located in central Galavan, the area now known as Old Arcadia has a rich history. Formed by the impact crater that the Arcadian Meteor left when it struck Varnel, Old Arcadia has served as the seat of power for several countries. The largest fragment of Arcadian Meteor itself was still there until it was destroyed in C6937, collapsing into itself and opening a permanent rift to the Plane of Shadow.

The Archadian Province: C5840 – C5844
In the year C5840 a scouting team sent by The Empire of Farris found a way past the ring of impassable mountainous terrain, gaining entrance to the valley within. They named the newly discovered region The Archadian Province and set about creating an outpost there. This outpost was named Haven.

Arcadia: C5844 – C6937
Elemental Knight of Force Thaddeus Zane declares himself Emperor and seizes control, naming his new country Arcadia. Zane’s rule lasted for centuries and was punctuated with several vile acts of ritualistic sacrifice and subjugation of the population. Eventually the conflict between Arcadia and The Empire of Farris escalated to the point where the Arcadian Meteor was destroyed and Zane was forced to flee the country.

The Necrosian Province: C6937 – A1
Now leaderless, one of the Arcadian guilds rose to power and declared the country to be loyal to The Empire of Farris, serving as a vassal state. It stayed this way until The Empire of Farris dissolved at the end of the Age of the Citadel.

Old Arcadia: A1 – Present Day
The Necrosian Province took on the name Old Arcadia after the dissolution of The Empire of Farris. All contact with Old Arcadia was lost during the year A6 shortly after we received reports of a massive plague rampaging through their population. The current status of Old Arcadia is unknown, presumed lost in the Plane of Shadow.

Old Arcadia

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