Othanops, God of Light, Titan-Father

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Holy Symbol:
A glowing greatsword, blazingly bright on a black background.

Othanops is a being of immense age and wisdom, dating back to the creation of the planet and the Age of the Immortal Kings. He survived the ennui that corrupted most of his kind and was eventually revered as a god, gaining full deific powers during his time with the Pantheon of Zetil. He was eventually slain by the Ur-Priest followers of The Crooked Path during The War of the Magi, to be revived over 400 years later during the Age of the Citadel.

Othanops generally chooses to appear as the form he had in life, a 25 foot tall skeleton clad in golden luminescent armor with fire in his eyes and abdomen.

Followers of Othanops are good-natured folks who just want to see that the world isn’t overcome by darkness. They value humility and kindness and tend towards joining House Alabaster, with those who are martially inclined usually joining The Chapter of the Argent Archon.


  • Followers of Othanops cannot memorize, cast, or activate spells or items with magical triggers that have the “Shadow” descriptor.
  • Followers of Othanops must be good aligned.


  • All Followers of Othanops have Negative Energy Resistance 5.
  • All Followers of Othanops get a +2 Divine bonus to all saves they make versus negative energy effects.
  • Clerics of Othanops may choose from the Glory, Good, Purification, Sun, and Strength domains, and his favored weapon is the Greatsword.


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