Proteus, God of Progress and Technology, The Clockfather


Proteus worship originally surfaced in the Gnomish settlements of Garant where there was a long standing tradition of tinkering and invention. The religion quickly spread and was widely adopted throughout Garant, eventually becoming the dominant religious influence in the country with shrines and centers of worship in every city. Proteus is not known to communicate with his followers directly, instead guiding their hands in subtle new directions.

Proteus isn’t devoted to an easily translated concept and his avatar reflects that. Generally he chooses to appear as an immense glowing collection of clockwork gears or occasionally as some other automaton.

Followers of Proteus care little for moral doctrines. Good or evil it makes no difference, what is important is a devotion to understanding how things work and advancing civilization through the creation of unique inventions. Followers of Proteus are scientific and methodical, tending toward stern and some would say even bookish.


  • Followers of Proteus suffer a -2 divine penalty on all checks that are not based on Intelligence.


  • All Followers of Proteus gain a +4 divine bonus on all Craft checks.
  • All Followers of Proteus gain a +2 divine bonus to all Knowledge checks.
  • Clerics of Proteus may choose from the Artifice, Craft, Creation, and Planning Domains, and his favored weapon is the Repeating Crossbow.


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