Semuanya, Deity of the Lizardfolk, The World Serpent

Humanoid Form – Used during times of war.

decidedly not porkchops.
Female Form – Used during times of peace.

Semuanya has existed since the beginning of recorded history, belief being passed down orally through the generations of lizardfolk who descended from the original tribe that settled the Organith region (they were known as The Greenscales). Semuanya cares nothing for that which doesn’t pertain to the survival of the lizardfolk species, if something is not directly related to survival or propagation Semuanya considers it irrelevant. It is exceedingly rare for non lizardfolk to worship Semuanya as they are granted nothing in return for doing so.

Semuanya is generally depicted as a single egg, or as a lizardfolk warrior of an indiscernible gender.

Followers of Semuanya are tasked with ensuring the survival of the lizardfolk race, nothing more and nothing less.


  • Wild reptiles are considered sacred, Followers of Semuanya may not hunt them or strike them first in combat.


  • Clerics of Semuanya may choose from the Animal, Creation, Plant, Scalykind, and Water Domains, and its favored weapon is the Greatclub.


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