Sintos, Goddess of Luck and Entropy

Holy Symbol:
A golden apple on a white background.

Sintos is a powerful deity both favored and cursed by many. Most who follow her know her as the goddess of luck and a shrine dedicated in her honor adorns the wall of every gambling den in Pergisursia, a position she has held since she became associated with luck during the Age of the Citadel. Sintos had mixed feelings about the war that was waged between The Outsider and Talus, ultimately siding with the champions of The Outsider.

Sintos has a less well documented association with the forces of entropy. This association seems to have been established at the beginning of the Age of Attrition when her companion Ahz-Malanar vanished. There have been several worrying prophecies revealed in regards to the goddess of entropy, none of which have yet come to pass.

Sintos herself hasn’t been seen in the last five thousand years so details are scarce. Yuan-ti scholars agree that she was a tall woman with short blonde hair and a lean build, likely human. Her symbol is an apple made of the purest gold.

Followers of Sintos are capricious, emotional, and occasionally brooding. They frequently dedicate themselves fully to whatever cause seems popular at the moment, switching priorities frequently. They are generally regarded as unpredictable at best. Her followers come from all houses and races.


  • Followers of Sintos must be at least partially neutral in alignment.
  • Followers of Sintos are of neutral alignment, but their individual actions are not. They feel very strongly but frequently flip flop on important issues, overall maintaining a neutral alignment.
  • Followers of Sintos occasionally suffer the effects of the “Curse of the Lucky Soul”. Whenever her followers attempt and fail to activate the “Gift of the Lucky Soul” boon (see below) they suffer a -2 penalty on all checks made for the rest of the day. This effect can end prematurely if the follower succeeds on any attempt to roll a save against any action taken by an enemy that forces the follower to attempt a saving throw.


  • “Gift of the Lucky Soul” – Whenever the follower of Sintos is attempting something dangerous (can’t take 20 on the roll) they may invoke this blessing by making an Effective Character level check (ECL + 1d20) vs DC 20, a roll of 1 always fails. If they succeed, they get a +2 Divine bonus on that roll, if they fail, they suffer from the “Curse of the Lucky Soul” ban mentioned above.
  • Clerics of Sintos may choose from the Chaos, Luck, and Entropy domains, and her favored weapon is the Dire Flail.


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