Skurilon, The Devourer, God of Cowardice and Pride

White dragon

Skurilon was once a petty white dragon of little influence, until he became the mortal host to the reborn spirit of Iborighu during the Age of Attrition. Despite being defeated by a group of adventurers and bound to a Crystal Prison when he tried to revive the body of Iborighu, the divine trace left within him grew until it finally blossomed into the divine spark needed to attain godhood. At that point he escaped and took out his wrath on his captors, greatly weakening the dragon empire of The Scaled Isles. Avrellos eventually drove him away, back to the frozen wasteland of Everwinter, but his divine spark remains.

Skurilon is an extremely large (even by dragon standards) white dragon.

Followers of Skurilon don’t believe in the concept of a fair fight, laying elaborate traps to catch their foes unawares instead of fighting them head on. They tend to be haughty and arrogant, believing themselves superior to everyone and everything around them. While their pride won’t let them back down from confrontations they never hesitate to take any advantage in a fight, no matter how craven it makes them.


  • Followers of Skurilon cannot knowingly initiate combat against the Followers of Iborighu. They hesitate when fighting known Followers of Avrellos and Valoren, taking a -4 divine penalty to Initiative.
  • Followers of Skurilon get a -2 divine penalty to their Will saves.
  • Followers of Skurilon are NEVER immune to Fear effects, regardless of their race, class, or other factors.


  • Followers of Skurilon are brutal fighters, gaining a +2 divine bonus to their Strength.
  • Clerics of Skurilon may choose from the Dragon, Envy, Greed, and Pride Domains, and his favored weapon is the Spear.


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