Suriea, Goddess of Goodwill and Healing

Panacea  goddess of healing by violscraper

Suriea has been linked to Pergamontis since the beginning of the Age of the Citadel, serving as her closest friend and confidant. When Pergamontis fell from divine grace Suriea willingly walked away from the Pantheon of Zetil. Suriea is loyal and kindhearted to a fault, always giving generously of herself to those in need. It is joked that there never used to be any temples devoted to Suriea because her followers would give them away, brick by brick.

Suriea almost never shows herself, but the few people who have seen her described her as a ball of pure white energy, radiating with warmth and kindness.

Followers of Suriea are a good-natured and caring lot, serving as hospitalers and caretakers across the land. They typically come from House Dresden and are actively encouraged to join The Chapter of Rigorous Plight. Those that do will find a meaningful life of service to the needy and devotion to their community.


  • Followers of Suriea are very bad at lying, receiving a -10 divine penalty to all Bluff checks.
  • Followers of Suriea are required to donate vigorously to the Heart Shrines, these donations are typically at least twenty percent of the persons earnings.


  • Whenever a Follower of Suriea casts a healing spell, they heal an additional 2 points per spell level. If it’s a periodic healing spell (like Vigor) or is not a spell but is instead an effect, the healing done by that spell or effect is increased by 1 point per turn/use. This ability stacks with the Augment Healing feat.
  • Followers of Suriea gain a +2 divine bonus to Will saves.
  • Followers of Suriea gain a +4 divine bonus to Diplomacy checks.
  • Clerics of Suriea may choose from the Community, Good, Healing, and Purification Domains, and her favored weapon is the Light Mace.


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