Talus, He Who Walks the Crooked Path, God of Trickery and Secrets

The Crooked Path

Talus was once a Lich of vast power who held dominion over all of Varnel and was the very first Ur-Priest to walk the planet. He became involved in several major conflicts and was the main driving force behind the destruction of the The Magi. His reign of terror came to an abrupt end when the Arcadian Meteor slammed into Varnel, destroying the continent and trapping Talus underneath it for thousands of years. Talus was eventually freed and immediately started making trouble for The Outsider, ultimately forcing The Outsider to destroy itself to stop Talus from plunging the entire world into darkness for all of time. Talus was ultimately slain by a group of mighty adventurers, he ascended to godhood when he took the killing strike.

Talus chooses to appear as an inquisitive old human or elven man when he is feeling like being pleasant, otherwise he appears as a tall gaunt lich of ancient origins with glowing violet eyes.

Followers of Talus adhere to the doctrines of The Crooked Path and form small cabals dedicated to his worship. They meet in secret (generally in the dead of the night) to discuss their plans and to perform their rituals. They are defensive and possibly a bit paranoid, holding themselves separate from the rest of society. Nothing is more important to them as uncovering hidden secrets and pursuing dangerous information, for with information comes influence and power.


  • Followers of Talus are frequently lost in thought, they get a -2 Divine penalty to Reflex saves and Initiative checks. This penalty is doubled if caught flat footed or vs. traps.
  • Followers of Talus cannot be good aligned.
  • Followers of Talus lose access to all divine forms of spellcasting. As such Clerics of Talus don’t exist, there are no associated domains, he has no favored weapon.


  • All Followers of Talus get a +4 Divine bonus to all of their Knowledge checks.
  • All Followers of Talus are immune to attempts to magically discern their alignment (they always appear to be N/N) and cannot be magically forced to tell the truth (such attempts simply don’t affect them, the caster attempting the spell is not aware of the failure).
  • All Followers of Talus get SR 10 + their CHA bonus versus divine spells. They may drop this SR temporarily, doing so is a full round action.


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