Telkaia, Goddess of Death and Undeath

Necrosys goddess of death

Telkaia was once a mortal, a young elven maiden who ventured far too close to the ruins of The Mortis Gate where Talus had defeated the personification of death itself and buried its corpse (a divine being known as Caralax). Telkaia was infused with its divine power when she accidentally activated the shrine, her powers continued to grow until she ascended to godhood. Her intervention was instrumental at several points during the war that marked the end of the Age of the Citadel and she was one of the few gods who originally opposed the creation of the Redemptor Demiscals Libram. Even so, she was eventually convinced to help create it and did her part dutifully.

Normally Telkaia appears as the small elven maiden that she used to be, but pale as death itself and dressed in black.

Followers of Telkaia are tasked with honoring all of the various states of death and undeath. Her followers tend to be gloomy and humorless, morose folks who care only for the sanctity of death and the preservation of the old death rites from the last age. Her most loyal and outspoken followers tend to be undead.


  • Followers of Telkaia must not wear any colors other than white, black, gray, or silver. This is to show deference to the dead.
  • Followers of Telkaia must perform burial services for anyone that they have slain.
  • Followers of Telkaia are not healed by positive energy, but harmed by it.


  • All Followers of Telkaia are immune to mind affecting spells and all forms of magical domination.
  • All Followers of Telkaia get a +4 divine bonus to Knowledge (Religion) checks made to perform any kind of rituals, this includes sacrifices.
  • All Followers of Telkaia automatically stabilize when reduced to less than 0 HP, gaining fast healing 1 for a number of rounds equal to their ECL.
  • Clerics of Telkaia may choose from the Death, Entropy, and Undeath domains, and her favored weapon is the Scythe. A Cleric of Telkaia may choose to turn or rebuke undead regardless of their alignment. (IE a L/G Cleric of Telkaia can choose to rebuke, etc). Clerics of Telkaia may switch between rebuking or turning undead by performing the “Rite of Two Worlds”, which takes one full day to perform and uses up materials costing 100 gp per character Level.


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