Terminus, The One Unmoving, God of the Earth Elementals, God of wealth, toil, and hardship.



There is a legend among the Fey-Folk and Elves in regards to Terminus being the very land of Galavan itself. The ore veins are said to be his blood, the volcanoes are said to be his fury. Whatever and wherever Terminus is one thing is for certain, that his followers are many and he is much beloved. Terminus is one of the four Elemental Pillars of the old ways and was one of the gods that even The Titans swore fealty to.

Terminus is a mountain of a being, both in size and appearance. Standing several hundred feet tall his avatar is an imposing sight, one covered in rocky outcroppings and various small shrubberies. He stands like an extremely overweight man and when moving plods along relentlessly, which makes it difficult to get his attention unless you can fly.

Followers of Terminus are very realistic folks who value good coin earned with honest work. They are respectful of others beliefs and are extremely polite, to the great annoyance of their detractors. They make for stalwart warriors and valued friends. They tend to wear shades of grays, greens, or browns.


  • Followers of Terminus are slow and generally clumsy, they get a -2 Divine Penalty on Dexterity based skills and initiative checks.
  • Followers of Terminus are extremely susceptible to attacks made with Adamantine weapons, taking 150% of the damage dealt.


  • Followers of Terminus are quite strong, they get a +2 Divine Bonus on Strength based skills.
  • Followers of Terminus tend to be hardy, they get a +2 Divine Bonus on Fortitude saves.
  • Clerics of Terminus may choose from the Cavern, Earth, Metal, and Wealth domains, his favored weapon is the Greatclub.


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