The Apothecus Luminary

Guild: The Apothecus Luminary

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What they are:
The Apothecus Luminary is an association dedicated to the advancement of medicine.

Who they are:
Their members are generally doctors, medics, nurses, and apothecaries of all ages, races, and experience levels.

Where they meet:
Their main center of operations is in Vigor Hall located in Pergisursia. There are several other locations that they use, mainly the stores of their members.

Membership Requirements:
Junior Member – No Requirements
Member – Applicant must be an adult
Senior Member – Applicant must have been a member for at least five years and must own land.

Membership Benefits:
Members gain access to the newest remedies and procedures available, as well as a reduction in equipment costs.

Other Info:
Interested applicants need to bring ten platinum scales to Vigor Hall and should be prepared to prove their abilities to the guild. If accepted the applicant will be deemed either a Junior Member or Member (depending on age) in good standing and will receive all of the benefits conferred. Guild Dues of one platinum Scale are collected each month and can be paid in advance.

The Apothecus Luminary

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