The Artifact Reclamation Covenant

Guild: The Artifact Reclamation Covenant

ARC Insignia

What they are:
The Artifact Reclamation Covenant is a guild wholly dedicated to reclaiming lost treasures and knowledge from ages past.

Who they are:
Their members are adventurers through and through. Free-spirited like-minded groups of adventurers wandering the wilderness looking for ancient ruins to plunder and relics to display.

Where they meet:
The members of The Artifact Reclamation Covenant (or ARC for short) call The Curatorium their home and place of business. They can be found in groups scouring the countryside as well.

Membership Requirements:
Junior Member – No Requirements
Member – Applicant must be an adult
Senior Member – Applicant must have been a member for at least three years and must have returned from successful assignments with appropriate relics (which to qualify as appropriate must be donated) on at least three separate occasions.

Members Benefits:
Free room and board for all members, reduced equipment costs for Members and Senior Members, and reduced spellcaster services costs for Senior Members.

Other Info:
Interested applicants need to bring something once forgotten and valuable, which is presented to the Guildmaster. If the item is sufficiently rare or unique then the applicant will be deemed either a Junior Member or Member (depending on age) in good standing and will receive all of the benefits appropriate. There are no Guild Dues and membership cannot be revoked except by royal decree.

The Artifact Reclamation Covenant

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