The Barrier of Souls

Barrier of Souls from afar

The Barrier of Souls is a ring of necromantic energy that completely surrounds the country of Pergisursia. It is maintained by The Chapter of Everlasting Growth and serves as a magical wall that prevents access to Pergisursia from beings without souls. Mostly this consists of contructs and the terrible beasts from The Darklands.

The Barrier itself is a bright white wall of hazy translucent luminescence that extends several hundred feet into the sky, completely walling in the country of Pergisursia. Dotted along its length are small citadels known as the Emblem Keeps, this is where members of The Chapter of Everlasting Growth are stationed and where the energy that fuels the barrier comes from.

The barrier is not known to cause any detrimental effects to beings with souls, though animals are known to completely avoid it and plants refuse to grow within two hundred feet of it.

At the edge

The Barrier of Souls

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