The Chapter of Forsaken Lore


The Chapter of Forsaken Lore

The Chapter of Forsaken Lore was founded by some of Bourn’s more academically minded followers during the year A2. Members typically hail from House Auvraela’hass or House Blackshade, and many of the more prominent members join The Intellectual Assembly. Members tend to be a fair mix of sages and adventurers, and the Chapter is willing to accept just about anyone provided they can adhere to the Chapters standards. They are directly opposed to the methods that The Chapter of the Onyx Eye employs, this has lead to conflict on many occasions.

Within the Chapter of Forsaken Lore there are several ranks:

1. Page – The newest members of the Chapter start out as Pages. Their duties are few, they are primarily expected to attend a few classes and to spend their free time studying. They are watched constantly while they are Pages, any misconduct is reported immediately and may be grounds for removal from the Chapter.
2. Parva Libri – Also known as Scribes, the Page becomes a Parva Libri upon completing her schooling. The Parva Libri are considered full members of the Chapter and are assigned tasks by their mentor, a member of the Chapter who has attained the rank of Medius Libri.
3. Medius Libri – Commonly referred to as Sages, the Medius Libri are very familiar with the Chapter’s libraries and current research projects. If you need something researched you must submit a request to the Chapter formally, and that request is generally treated as public record. The Medius Libri will dole out these requests amongst the Scribes to find the required information. Should the information be considered sensitive then the Medius Libri themselves shall do the research. This is most common when the information in question is not located within the Chapter’s libraries and requires either outside help or an expedition. All such requests that are deemed sensitive must be approved by the heads of the Chapter, the Atma Libri.
4. Atma Libri – The heads of the Chapter, the Atma Libri are responsible for deciding who to send on expeditions and where to send them to, as well as what other organizations (if any) need to be involved. The results of these expeditions are the sole property (and thus responsibility) of the Chapter, and reports detailing their findings are sent to House Auvraela’hass and House Blackshade for further review.

Notable members of the Chapter:

  • Atma Libri Nathan Kant, died while trying to locate The Last Adamantine Mine of the Karvex Dominion under unusual circumstances.
  • Atma Libri Catelyn Kant, granddaughter of Nathan Kant and High Priestess of Bourn, Abbess of the Papyrus Monastary

To petition to join The Chapter of Forsaken Lore the potential recruit must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have an INT score of at least 12
  • Must have a WIS score of at least 12
  • Must have at least 5 ranks in any Knowledge skill

To be granted the rank of Parva Libri the Page must meet at least two of the following requirements:

  • Able to cast Arcane spells of second level or higher
  • Able to cast Divine spells of at least second level or higher
  • At least 8 ranks in any Knowledge skill
  • Have a BAB of +6 or higher
  • Have the Bardic Knowledge class ability
  • Have a Will save of at least +9

To be granted the rank of Medius Libri the Scribe must meet at least two of the following requirements:

  • Able to cast both Divine and Arcane spells of at least second level
  • At least 13 ranks in any two Knowledge skills
  • Have a BAB of +11 or higher
  • Able to cast either Divine or Arcane Spells of at least sixth level
  • Serve on at least two expeditions
  • Have all saves at +9 or higher

Rank Benefits:


  • Free room and board

Parva Libri:

  • Bonus Feats: Skill Focus (any two Knowledge skills)
  • +1 untyped bonus on all saves
  • Free access to a laboratory

Medius Libri:

  • Research Grant: Can research up to a level seven spell for free using the Chapters resources, this can be repeated once per year. The spell gained in this way must be shared with the Chapter and cannot be evil aligned. If the member is not a spellcasting class the member instead may receive a magical item of the Chapters choosing as befits their class. The member may make recommendations on what the item is.

Atma Libri:

  • Unknown

The Chapter of Forsaken Lore

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