The Chapter of Lost Hope

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The Chapter of Lost Hope is the official name given to recognized and ordained Paladins of Chanwyen. They scour the countryside in search of relics from the last age and lead crusades against the encroaching evils from beyond The Barrier of Souls. They only accept Medusae in their ranks in homage to their goddess, and are officially a part of House Esgard.

Within The Chapter of Lost Hope there are several ranks.

  1. Neonate – The lowest rank of the Chapter of Lost Hope, the Neonates are the proving ground for new recruits.
  2. Adept Justicarius – Once a prospective recruit has been ordained they are granted this title, these are the soldiers of the Chapter, patrolling beyond The Barrier of Souls.
  3. Ordina Justicarius – This title is given to the select few Adept Justicarius who are recognized commanders in battle, receiving this title is a great accolade that takes many years of honorable service.
  4. Redemptor Justicarius – These are the masters of the chapter, born leaders and battle tested warriors of honor and virtue.

Notable members of the Chapter:

  1. Redemptor Justicarius Euryale Stheno – Current Chaptermaster and High Abbess of Chanwyen

The Chapter of Lost Hope

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