The Chapter of Rigorous Plight


The Chapter of Rigorous Plight is the official name given to recognized and ordained Clerics of Suriea. They patrol the villages and towns helping the needy and protecting the Heart Shrines of House Dresden from those that would seek to do their patrons harm, and are officially a part of House Dresden.

Within The Chapter of Rigorous Plight there are several ranks.

  1. Hospitaler – The lowest rank of the Chapter of Rigorous Plight, the Hospitalers are the majority of the Chapter presence. They are responsible for maintaining a clean and comfortable environment in the Heart Shrines and tended to most of the Chapters needs.
  2. Adeptus Hospitaler – Once a prospective recruit has been ordained they are granted this title, these are the healers and priests of the Chapter, leading the Heart Shrines and tended to the wounded when healers are needed.
  3. Adeptus Service – This title is given to the select few Adeptus Hospitaler that perform great deeds of charity and service in the name of House Dresden, receiving this title is a great accolade that takes many years of dedicated service.
  4. Adeptus Dominae – These are the masters of the chapter, born leaders and faith proven healers of great power and humility.

Notable members of the Chapter:

  • Adeptus Dominae Shael Shrikestone, she founded the Heart Shrines in the year 1.

To petition to join The Chapter of Rigorous Plight the potential candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have at least 4 ranks in the Heal skill
  • Must be good aligned
  • Must worship Suriea

To be Ordained:

  • Must be able to cast 3rd level divine spells

Rank Benefits:
Hospitaler – +5 bonus on Heal checks
Adeptus Hospitaler – +5 bonus on Knowledge Religion checks
Adeptus Service – Land Grant
Adeptus Dominae – Unknown

The Chapter of Rigorous Plight

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