The Chapter of the Argent Archon


The Chapter of the Argent Archon is the official name given to recognized and seasoned champions of Othanops. They patrol the wilderness of The Shadow Veil seeking out those with dark intentions and usher them (forcefully) screaming into Othanops’s redeeming light. These are the champions of House Alabaster, their main garrison is located on the The Alabaster Isle. The Chapter of the Argent Archon also has a Subchapter of members of fire blooded descent known as The Blaze.

Within The Chapter of Rigorous Plight there are several ranks.

  1. Artifex – These are the petitioners striving to prove themselves for the chapter. All petitioners to the chapter must serve as Artifex for three expeditions. At that point they are evaluated by the Magistrux Lux, those who pass the evaluation are promoted and go through the Novus Lux Ritual (see below). Those who fail the evaluation are cast out from the chapter.
  2. Novus Lux – Artifex who pass their evaluation are promoted to the rank of Novus Lux. These are the people whose task it is to lead the expeditions in to The Shadow Veil in an attempt to drain the latent shadow plane energy whenever possible. These expeditions generally last for a few weeks and are very dangerous. Most of the Novus Lux’s time is spent in The Shadow Veil.
  3. Magistrus Lux – This title is given to the few Novus Lux that serve in their rank for at least 15 years. Receiving this title is a great accolade that few receive.
  4. Deus Lux – These are the masters of the chapter, born warriors of immense power and champions of light.

Notable members of the Chapter:

To petition to join The Chapter of the Argent Archon the potential candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have at least 4 ranks in the Knowledge Religion skill
  • Alignment must not be Evil.
  • Must worship Othanops
  • Must have a BAB of at least +2

To become a Novus Lux the Artifex must participate in at least three expeditions and must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Must have a BAB of at least +4
  • Must be able to cast 2nd level Divine spells
  • Must have Undead or Aberrations as a Favored Enemy

Rank Benefits:
Artifex – +1 Divine Bonus to saving throws
Novus Lux – Gain the ability to open a gateway to (and from) the Plane of Shadow for up to 5 rounds once per week, see the ritual Shadow Gate below for more information.
Magistrus Lux – The Divine Bonus to saving throws (see “Artifex” above) becomes equivalent to the characters Charisma bonus (as Divine Grace) and it loses it’s “Divine” identifier, becoming an untyped bonus.
Deus Lux – Unknown

Ritual – Shadow Gate
Req: The ritual’s performer must have attained at least rank Novus Lux (see above). This ritual is NEVER taught to those who aren’t sworn to the Chapter.
Casting Time: Three rounds
Cooldown: One Week
Focus/Components: Holy Symbol of Othanops and a reflective surface, generally a mirror.
Result: Using sheer force of will the user forces open a gateway connecting the Prime Material Plane and the Plane of Shadow, ten feet in diameter, and with concentration the performer can keep the gateway open for up to five rounds. Any number of tiny creatures or up to sixteen small creatures can pass through each round. A maximum number of six medium creatures may pass through the gateway each round. Large creatures may pass through as well, but only once each round in lieu of any creatures larger than tiny.

The Chapter of the Argent Archon

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