The Chapter of the Red Forge


The Chapter of the Red Forge was founded on one principal: Skill. They draw their members from all races and creeds, searching for new members wherever skilled craftsmen can be found. The Chapter of the Red Forge produces many items of quality and sells them on special market days at The Red Bazaar, the trade center of The Guild District in Pergisursia. This makes the chapter a great deal of Scales and is how they can afford to run The Red Forge constantly without running out of raw materials.

The chapter is officially a part of House Ironfist.

Within The Chapter of the Red Forge there are several ranks.
1. Apprentice – These are the newest members of the chapter, they have yet to prove their worth at the forge.
2. Adept Artifex – Once an Apprentice has proven their skill and knowledge they are granted the rank of Adept Artifex. Most Adept Artifex spend their time at The Red Forge, crafting and repairing equipment for the chapter.
3. Master Artifex – The exceptionally skilled Adept Artifex work to one day attain the rank of Master Artifex. To do so, they must submit for the chapter’s scrutiny an item that solely they have crafted (magical or otherwise) that is valued at a minimum of one hundred Mythril Scales. If the item submitted exhibits a higher degree of craftsmanship that what any of the judges can provide then the Adept Artifex is immediately approved for promotion and is granted the benefits of their new rank. The Master Artifex’s duties (aside from judging the creations of applicants) include fulfilling orders from ranking officials, crafting unique items, and developing new plans and blueprints for the other members to follow.
4. Grandmaster Artifex – Only those whose passion and devotion to their craft exceeds all else can hope to attain the rank of Grandmaster Artifex. These are the highest ranked members of the chapter and are greatly esteemed craftsmen known throughout the kingdom.

Notable members of the Chapter:

  • Grandmaster Artifex Eingar Ironfist the Fifteenth, current head of House Ironfist and renowned armorsmith.
  • Grandmaster Artifex Gumbrel Gobin Glibdendorf, Gnomish priest of Proteus and creator of the wonderful and bizarre items on display in The Clockworks.

To join the Chapter of the Red Forge the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have at least 4 ranks in a Craft skill
  • Must make a donation to the chapter of three items that they have crafted without assistance, the total value of which must be valued at thirty gold Scales or more.

To attain the rank of Adept Artifex:

  • Must have been mentored by a ranking member for a period of time that they have determined based on the applicant’s skill level. This is generally for around six months but can be shorter.
  • Must have crafted an item that sold for at least one hundred gold Scales at The Red Bazaar
  • Must have at least 10 ranks in a Craft skill

To attain the rank of Master Artifex:

  • Must submit an item as detailed above in the Master Artifex description.

Rank Benefits:
Apprentice – Free room and board, as well as free access to any Artisan’s Tools you require
Adept Artifex – +2 bonus (untyped) on all Craft checks, when crafting at The Red Forge you only ruin one quarter of the materials when you fail a craft check by five or more (normally it’s 1/2)
Master Artifex – Experience and materials costs when crafting items are reduced by 25%. As an example, if an item sells for 300 gold it costs 100 gold to make normally (see HERE for more information of crafting). That 100 gold is reduced to 75 gold if the craftsman is a Master Artifex.
Grandmaster Artifex – Unknown

The Chapter of the Red Forge

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