The Clockwork Sitters Epilogue

The Clockwork Sitters is a story that someone told early in our history; I know this because my mother’s oldest children were told it. Fang doesn’t remember who made it up, as he only remembers things that he finds interesting.

It was my favorite story as a child. As an adult, I know now that the short-lived races are the flesh and blood birds. Yuan-ti are the clockwork creatures. Yes, we can and do lay eggs of our own, but we are (or are supposed to be) kind and very patient. We are supposed to help take care of other races. If we had not, many could have died out after the fall of Farris.

We should accept that sometimes they will not understand that we are trying our best to protect them. Perhaps the writer of this story thought other races may turn on us one day and that we will have to abandon them. Or maybe the ending is a warning to them that their lives would be more difficult without our aid.

I still think it is a nice story. But I know now that I do not think it is enough to be a clockwork sitter. A small grain of sand is not enough. If I want to protect people and have it amount to anything, I need to be the witch.

The Clockwork Sitters Epilogue

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