The Coachmen

Guild: The Coachmen


What they are:
The Coachmen are the folks of the realm that are dedicated to getting their passengers and cargo where they want to be safely and quickly.

Who they are:
Members of The Coachmen are the teamsters and the carriage drivers, the wagon loaders and the rail masters. Chances are if it needs to traverse over land The Coachmen have been the ones to handle it.

Where they meet:
The Coachmen hold their monthly meetings in The Rail Keep in Pergisursia.

Membership Requirements:
Member – Applicant must be an adult and must own a wagon or carriage and a horse OR must be a certified Rail Master in the employ of The Iron Rail.
Senior Member – Applicant must have been a member for at least ten years.

Members Benefits:
Price fixing, tax breaks, and a generous reduction in the price of repairs and horses as well as travel costs when using an in-guild provider. The guild also protects its members from legal action by employing a bevy of lawyers.

Other Info:
Interested applicants need only apply with one of the representatives located in The Rail Keep and agree to the contract, within which are the stipulations regarding pricing and minimum safety standards as well as equipment upkeep laws. The Coachmen show great solidarity when it comes to driving out their competition, it is very rare to see a carriage driver that isn’t a member of the guild. There are Guild Dues amounting to one platinum Scale due every year.

The Coachmen

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