The Den of Delights

Guild: The Den of Delights


What they are:
The Den of Delights is a guild whose members are there to fulfill any of their customers desires, whether those desires are legal or not. Escorts, the occasional trader of “exotic spices”, even the rare slaver can be found within this organization.

Who they are:
Their members come from many castes and races and from all walks of life. The rich, the poor, the timid or bold, all can find a home here if they have the right mentality for it.

Where they meet:
The members of The Den of Delight can be found nearly everywhere within Pergisursia and Crinoa, even in the Elemental Kingdom if you look hard enough. Inns, taverns, brothels, alleys, these are the places where their members gather.

Membership Requirements:
Junior Member – Junior Members are required to “serve the public” in some form or another, these orders are passed down to them from the Senior Members.
Member – Applicant must be an adult and must have been a junior member for at least two years.
Senior Member – Applicant must have been a member for at least ten years and must worship Brachina, Talus, or Sintos.

Members Benefits:
Free room and board for all members, reduced guild services costs for Members and Senior Members, reduced legal services costs for Members and Senior Members, and reduced arranged (interguild or between houses) services costs for Senior Members.

Other Info:
Interested applicants need only to state their wish to join to a guild member, or even merely within a guild member’s earshot. They will be contacted within four days with the guild’s decision. The Den of Delights will not tolerate anyone (including guildmembers) interfering with the guild’s plans and will not hesitate to shift blame and frame ex-members to avoid bring attention to the guild itself. There are no membership dues.

The Den of Delights

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