The Dominion of the Master

The Dominion of the Master is that of control. Of measured and precise movements. Little wasted effort. It is the dominion of politics.

The Dominion of the Master grants the following abilities:

At 5th level the character also gains the following abilities:

At 10th level the character also gains the following abilities:
Rend Persona: As a full round action the character may concentrate on one target that she can see within sixty feet. That target must make a DC 10+users ECL+primary ability score modifier Will save or be severed from their House entirely. This causes no damage but the victim immediately loses all benefits of being a member of their House, is cut off from their Dominion power, and loses access to any rank benefits they may have accrued through their Chapter if they don’t still qualify for them. All of the members of their House (and Chapter/Subchapter if they no longer qualify) are made aware. No forms of protection exist that can stop this ability short of placing the user inside of an Anti-Magic field, as the ability doesn’t directly affect the victim but the divine power of their Dominion (which forms their sacred bond with their House). With that in mind this ability does NOT affect members of Houses that lack Dominions. Only the Rite of Homecoming can restore the victim to their former status.

All Dominion powers are cast using their users ECL as the caster level, saves are Charisma based. Casting times are dictated by the spells themselves as linked, if the ability isn’t a spell then the casting time is a full round unless otherwise noted.

The Dominion of the Master

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