The Durnskald

Pray they never find you

Not much is actually known about the Durnskald. They are thought to come from The Darklands far to the east over the Wild Sea, a place hypothesized to be overrun with monsters and aberrations most foul. They have waged war against the citizens of Pergisursia for millenia, being kept at bay by The Barrier of Souls. They have never agreed to parlay and won’t explain their repeated acts of aggression.

They are thought to worship or be ruled by a being known as A’ki, it has never been clear which. If A’ki is a person, he is a being of immense power and influence who is revered by the Durnskald as if he were a god. The Durnskald also have some kind of association with the Goddess Xax as several shrines to her have been located in territory that was recently Durnskald held.

True Durnskald generally grow to a height around 5’8", while Risen Men can grow much larger (the largest known was over 10’6"). They are almost always of an athletic and lean build. They tend to dress conservatively in black and dark grays, blues, or greens. Their skin, eye, and hair color seems to be determined by their caste.

Their civilization appears to be divided into at least three castes: the Warriors, the Fate Weavers, and the Gray Folk

The Warriors are almost all males and are distinguishable by their bone white skin, black sclera, black hair, and white irises. They serve as the leaders and commanders in battle and are very formidable opponents. They prefer to use their lightning -like speed and reflexes instead of relying on brute force. They are led by their champion, a man known as Sin Rothos.

The Fate Weavers are almost all female and are distinguishable by their coal black skin, black sclera, black hair, and glowing orange irises. They are thought to serve as the leaders of the Durnskald during times of peace. Make no mistake, if anything the priestesses are even more dangerous than the warriors due to their ability to wield concentrated entropy as a weapon. They are led by their prophetess, a woman named Whisper.

The Gray Folk are a fairly even mix of males and females and are distinguishable by their pale grey skin, red sclera, white or black hair, and red irises. The Fate Weavers refer to them as slaves. Nothing is known about their abilities but the Gray Folk are not seen engaging in combat.

The vast majority of the physical gruntwork is performed by beings known as Risen Men. They are little more than mindless savages that have been imbued with some sort of magic of elemental origin. The Fate Weavers control them through the use of their hearts, which become calcified while the Risen Man is alive and contains their essence when they die. It is possible for those who aren’t of Durnskald descent to attune themselves to these hearts, allowing them to absorb some of the Risen Man’s knowledge and abilities. This has always resulted in the corruption of the Risen Man’s “host”. One of the most well known examples of the Risen Men is the one who was known as Cinder the Reborn.

Recently a new type of Durnskald has been discovered, named the Antithesis by House Alabaster. Only one has been examined. She is a woman, of athletic and lean build, with nearly white hair, fair skin, and a cloud-like pattern covering both her sclera and her irises. Her eyes are a very bright (they almost appear to be glowing) blue which shine through the cloud pattern. Her name is Summer Sky. Unfortunately, she doesn’t remember anything about her time with the Durnskald, now living at the palace as a guest of the royal family. She has shown several remarkable talents and appears to be very powerful as well.

The Durnskald

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