The Intellectual Assembly

Guild: The Intellectual Assembly

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What they are:
The Intellectual Assembly is a group dedicated to knowledge and gathering information.

Who they are:
Their members are generally scribes, cartographers, professors, mathematicians, researchers, alchemists, and mages. They tend to come from affluent backgrounds.

Where they meet:
The Assembly, a large library and scroll repository located in Pergisursia, serves as their main location for holding meetings and gatherings.

Membership Requirements:
Member – Applicant must be a land owning adult
Senior Member – Applicant must have been a member for at least six years and must pass the Senior Member Examination test.

Members Benefits:
Members are granted nearly unfettered access to the guild library, they also receive a discount on costs to research new spells, rituals, or alchemical formulas.

Other Info:
Applicants are to gather at The Assembly at dawn, making sure to bring with them a quill, inkwell and ink, and no less than fifteen platinum scales. Applicants who fail the entry exam are forever barred entry in to the guild. Applicants who pass the entry exam are considered full members in good standing. Membership Dues of three hundred platinum Scales are collected once by the end of the first year in which the applicant was accepted and may be paid in full prior to that date.

The Intellectual Assembly

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