The Journal of Sorathin (The Green Knight) Session 49

Our journey back to the elemental kingdom was quite interesting. My friend was in unusually high spirits, and paid us many visits, digging holes for us and even told me about a form of greeting in this land. Strangely, Kara said that the greeting he taught me was not welcome. Salin also mentioned that this was not the greeting used in the elemental kingdom as well. I didn’t know my friend to be a liar, so I’m still unsure about the whole thing.

On the second night, it became clear we were being chased by the blademaster, Sin-Rothos. It also became clear that he was going to catch up to us. My friend, who was apparently cleaning our tracks behind us, opted to take us to the Plane of Death. Although this place was a bit droll, it was alright. The others didn’t seem to like it that much. After about an hour of traveling, we all went back to our normal Plane. Sin-Rothos began to gain on us, so my friend decided to turn around and go after him. Sliding underneath Sin-Rothos, he managed to touch him and took him to the Plane of Death. The aura of the Shadow Veil ceased to exist, and we ran the rest of the way to the elemental kingdom.

I hope Tic-Tic, my friend is ok. We decided to take this time to experiment on the heart. Krellem said that the first action will be to cleanse the heart. We traveled to an isolation field that I guess was connected to the elemental plane of fire. Some lizard looking folks guarded the entrance, and one of them said that he wouldn’t mind fighting me after his shift was done. I investigated the inside of the building, and it seemed alright – just a bit stuffy. Afterwards, Krellem went inside and cleansed the heart. He said though that he felt a strangeness within him, and the heat of the area suddenly stopped bothering him.

It never bothered me anyway. Perhaps Krellem is becoming more disciplined again after all.

The Journal of Sorathin (The Green Knight) Session 49

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