The Journal of Sorathin (The Green Knight) Session 50

Today is the big day. I get to fight the salamander guard. Everyone came along to cheer me on I believe. Perhaps overconfident in myself though, I rushed in, striking him with my full power. His spear tore me apart in what seemed like an instant, and he ended our duel. I felt I could do better. The salamander must have realized this, and challenged me again, saying that if I lived for half a minute he would present me with a gift. I accepted the challenge. Using some tactics to disable him, I escaped from a wall of fire that had erupted around him. I lost my temper though, charging in again to fight him. I lasted a lot longer this time, but still not quite long enough. I thanked him for the opportunity, assuring him that I would be back after I have trained.

The next day, I received a package from the salamander. A small ball with a note attached that says “Throw it at your enemies”. I’m really not that good at aiming though, I hope I don’t miss.

We head out for the jungle ruins that day, set to find out what rests or lurks inside. We were told about very large cats that patrol the island. Along the way, we met a friendly female dwarf who was from the ARC. She told us about the cats and even offered us a cool tent to sleep in for the night. I don’t sleep, so I turned down her offer. Proceeding along the coastline towards the river in the jungle, it became clear to me that the cats had already begun to follow us. They appeared to kill things in our path, but never stopped to eat. I was in charge of tracking them, since my house has granted me that power.

One night, we actually got to see them. For the first time ever, I think Luon was scared to fight. The large cat’s head was probably 10×10 in and of itself, so I’m betting it could eat me in one bite. I’m guessing since I’ve been dead a while, they wouldn’t really like the taste – it’s probably not like chicken. They retreated into the woods, keenly aware that we were watching them as well. The friendly cats took care of everything along the route to the temple, which we reached within a week. I wonder what we will find inside.

The Journal of Sorathin (The Green Knight) Session 50

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