The Journal of Sorathin (The Green Knight) Session 57

Today is the day that I get to do something truly great. The man I met the other day told me where to meet him this morning, and I make haste to help rid the city of evil. Outside the building, there are a lot of angry people, I assume part of the army that my new friend had assembled. I met with him and found out that the evil people were inside the building, and they were being guarded by the two muddy statues. I make my way up the steps and engage them, soon accompanied by the flood of people. After a bit of fighting, I realized that they were trying to push the door open. After some effort, and finally realizing that I needed to pull the door open, we got inside. I looked around and couldn’t find any evil people, just a bunch of weapons. I continue to fight off the guards while some people poor in, grabbing weapons, and my friend starts to climb into one of the larger crablike weapons.

Not too long later, the metal crab thing appears to be ready, but I have still not find any evil people. Making a diversion out of the crowd, I slide down the wall created by the steps leading to this building. Then I noticed a bunch of elementals making their way towards the building. The crab creature my friend was in started firing beams on them… and my salamander friend was among them. I realized then that I had made a mistake, maybe the guy in the crab machine was the evil one? I rushed to my friend who had managed to avoid getting hit, even though the rest of his companions had died. We began a full retreat, making distance from the machine, as it rained destruction upon the city. Yep, my new friend was definitely the evil one.

Eventually, the group met up with us, but I continued to retreat with my salamander friend, who was clearly heading to regroup with his legion. I remained with him as he assembled his lizards, preparing to head out once more. I could only imagine what was happening to the town at this moment. Not too long after, the group came to meet up with us, and informed us that my new friend was killed inside the machine. We learned that the man was some sort of follower of Zax, that evil god that I had punched a while ago. More questions arose… what may Zax be up to in this city? I’ll have to find her and punch her again in the future I’m sure.

After some of the commotion had died down, Salin came to talk with me about my new friend. I learned a new rule today: Don’t trust your new friends, and if you’re not sure, ask the group. With great strength comes great responsibility, and I’m not sure how I can take responsibility for the damage I’ve caused. Truly, without my intervention, I’m sure that the terrible events would have occurred, but perhaps I may have been on the right side during it. Later on that day, I make a prayer to Ahz Radamant, to somehow atone for the wanton destruction I had been a catalyst for.

The Journal of Sorathin (The Green Knight) Session 57

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