The Journal of Sorathin (The Green Knight) Session 70

After the acidic slug was dealt with, it was clear that the kobolds were fleeing from the mountain temple area. I knew we might not have another chance to stop one of them and ask what was happening in this temple, so I broke from the group and chased one down. After catching up and grabbing one, the creature with the the large face appeared. I soon found out his name was Zathek and his charge was the kobolds, who revered him as the large one. I unhanded the kobold at his behest, and learned that he wanted the temple restored. After confirming we could do such a thing, he bid me lead him back to the others, and I did. Perhaps this creature wasn’t evil after all.

At the camp, the others told me they couldn’t help, and that we must find an alternate means of negotiating peace with them. Ideas were tossed out, and ultimately we decided to take the creatures to the temple of the sun we had recently cleared. As an added bonus, this temple has a sun roof perfect for the manticore. He gathered the kobolds into one large group, and we set off towards the temple, with the hopes that this would be enough to appease them.

Multiple weeks of trekking pass, and we had succeeded in delivering their group to an acceptable home and returned to the partially destroyed temple built into the mountain face. First, we decided to explore the cave that the acidic slug cave from. It was essentially long enough for the slug to fit comfortably and have some room. At the back, there was a small altar that bore a spear. Thoragen found that it was a very powerful weapon that could actually change forms as well. Cara took the weapon and it turned into a rapier for her. Suddenly, acid begun pouring out of the walls in great amounts, so we ran out of the mountain. Krellem, being very slow as always, ended up with very clean armor afterwards.

It was time that we explore other means past the two magically trapped doors. Using a large chisel that Luon had the kobolds craft during the journey, we bore a small hole into the ceiling of the ‘moon’ room. Inside, was a magical darkness. Krellem stuck his head inside the darkness, and a few seconds later withdrew his head, claiming that it was cold and that there were creatures inside. I stuck my head in, but it wasn’t cold and I didn’t see any creatures. Krellem checked again and suddenly disappeared. He came back a bit later, with a bloody wound on the back of his head. He remained quiet for a while, rocking to himself. Confused, I checked the darkness in the other room we bore a hole into, and again couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. At the end of these events, everyone decided to abandon this temple; whatever was left in these two rooms cannot be reached by us sadly. We have begun the trek, this time to one of the yuan-ti temples.

The Journal of Sorathin (The Green Knight) Session 70

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