The Legion of Pergisursia

Guild: The Legion of Pergisursia


What they are:
Simply put they are the warriors-for-hire of the kingdom.

Who they are:
The Legion of Pergisursia are mercenaries, skirmishers, man-at-arms, and fairly frequently thugs.

Where they meet:
They hold their gatherings (called moots) in The Coliseum of the Scar in Pergisursia.

Membership Requirements:
Member – Applicant must be an adult with a respectable set of equipment.
Senior Member – Applicant must have been a member for at least four years.

Members Benefits:
A place to stay and a warm meal. Training is generally provided free of charge to those who are eager to learn. Equipment repair is fairly cheap. Members also get a weekly wage.

Other Info:
Applicants must attend a moot, proving themselves in combat against their brethren. If they do well then they are accepted, no questions asked. Since the guild provides them with their jobs and money, as well as a place to stay, there is no Guild Dues. There is however a fee of 900 gold Scales for slaying a guildmate during a mission.

The Legion of Pergisursia

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