This is why we cannot have nice things

…because we break everything.

I used my psionics to pick up the staff. The corpses in the room stood at attention. Krellem attempted to turn the corpses, which broke the crystal in the staff. This caused the corpses to attack us. Jerrica tried to help by filling in for the crystal. Of course it did not work, but I do admire her for trying.

I had been trying to figure out the reason for the collection of evil deities statues. I was going to study them more, but apparently Sorathin smashed them all. That was irritating. When is he going to grow up to the point where we don’t have to babysit him constantly?

I must admit though, the cats seemed to be more at ease since the statues were destroyed. I saw the mother cat for the first time. She is… breathtaking. Not just because of her size, although that was definitely part of it. I also did get a better look at her two cubs. It is somewhat surreal to be around kittens who are larger than you are!

This is why we cannot have nice things

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