Thoragen Entry Forty-One

Luon had a dream about this temple and an artifact within. Or so she said. After Luon told us this we decided that we need to keep looking at this Temple. Since there appeared to be something very valuable inside and Krellem had a problem continuing to look I offered.

Once I stuck my head inside the blackness I was somewhere else. I didn’t know where but I did see these things moving around me. I didn’t do anything. I tried not to breath, tried not to move, tried not to even think. That is when Salin’ess-Khahaan Lasteroff decided to try and talk to me through my mind. I hate when people try to take over my mind. I didn’t want to actively try to stop it though in fear that it might cause something to happen. Sure enough as soon as she started to talk to me I saw this flood of something coming my way. All I could think to do was tell Salin to tell the others to run.

Next thing I knew I was in a pile of rubble. Surrounded by the temple but it was now in pieces. I looked around with my ears ringing to see if everyone was okay. It appeared so although just at that point Krellum got hit with something that knocked him out cold.

I knew this temple was going to be “fun.”

Thoragen Entry Forty-One

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