Thoragen Entry Forty-Two

Thoragen’s Personal Thoughts – Entry 42
It’s been a very long time since I’ve had time to actually sit down and think about all that has happened in the last … well either way it has been WAY to long. There is so much on my mind that I don’t even know where to begin. I guess starting with what has happened most recently would be the smart place to begin!

Recently we have been looking for the Magi towers like the one we found when we fought Nemrith. Okay maybe that isn’t the best place to start after all. I guess I’ll start from about a year ago, maybe a little more.
Okay so the last time I actually had a chance to think about what has been going on I nearly killed the entire party on accident. Who know that putting light into the darkness that I saw all around me would be a bad idea. Guess this temple being known as the temple of darkness AND light was more like darkness AND NOT light. Ah well everyone survived and we got a really cool egg from the temple too. Well more specifically out of Krellem’s head.

According to Luon, the egg has something to do with a lizardfolk god. Guess we should probably give this to the ARC or to the Lizardfolk in Pergisursia. If I had to put a price tag on the egg I think it would probably be worth about 40,000 gold. But with it being for the lizardfolk I think we should just give it back to them.

As we continued on to the next temple, which I believe was the Juan-Ti temple that the Kings family was originally from we had to travel pretty much strictly through swamp land. I remember wishing that we had a druid to be able to make the travel faster. As I was thinking about that I suddenly thought of a spell that could help us with the travel. Most of us agreed that the faster travel time helped speed up the journey by cutting the travel time at least in half. During the night Salin was able to provide shelter for us from there creatures that we kept seeing every night. They didn’t attack us but we also didn’t want to risk being attacked so far away from any civilization. There was one monster that attacked us but I really don’t remember much of that day besides being carried by Krellem pretty much the whole day.

Well apparently the creatures that we kept seeing at night are affected by the moon which would explain why it hasn’t been a problem until now. Luckily we had Salin’s shelter and they couldn’t find us. We kept running into some weird creatures out there. There was one monster that looks like a large cow. There was another that was a pile of ooze that moved and left only the bones of its food. There was Juan-Ti Guardians some things that looked like Fang. And the creature that took me over. I really don’t remember what that one looked like. Anyway the Fang type creatures and the guardians didn’t show up until we started to get close to the temple. The guardians did try to warn us to stay away. If only we knew how true that warning was. As we got closer to the temple the Juan-Ti let us know that we were not welcome at least until they realize that we had a Juan-Ti with us. Once they learned that, they let us approach. Of course that was only to try and take the Juan-Ti that was with us. This lead to us fighting with them to save Salin. It also lead to Krellem “learning” more about his new abilities. After Krellum’s new abilities were learned and transformation which lead to one of the guards dying we decided to heed the warning of the guardians and left pretty much as quickly as possible. I don’t really remember much else from that day but from what everyone said the Naga were nice and helped us escape. However, before leaving the Naga place we got to talk to Ahz-Radamant himself! He had a couple gifts for the party members. Well more specifically Salin and Sirathen. Luon asked him about information for the barrier of souls as well which apparently house blackwater has books on. Overall the trip to the Naga place wasn’t all that interesting to me. But I sure do miss the time to craft. I hope that Groot is doing well in the capital. Thinking about it I should come back to a couple thousand gold available to me because of the crafting Groot has done for the Red Forge.

Anyway enough about the crafting that Groot has been doing. We were able to travel through a portal the Naga had to an island just off the Elemental Kingdom which was extremely nice! Salin and I flew back to the main island to get a boat for everyone but by the time we got the boat they had found a way over the straight. They seemed worried about the Aboleth but they got across safely so I don’t know that the worry was really worth it. We were able to get a ride back to the capital and learned that once back in the capital that Sirathen would become alive again over night. Little did we know that it would involve nearly burning down the inn. Luckily Luon thought quickly and was able to change where he was sleeping and keep everyone safe. The next day we found an airship back to Pergisursia.

Well, the trip back to Pergisursia was a nice ride actually. Most people did their own thing for the couple week journey back. I talked with Luon and Salin about what they were reading from the Nagas. As we got into Pergisursia though we saw a battle taking place off to the southeast. No idea when that started or what caused it but it was there for sure! Luckily it was outside of the border though. I was betting in my head that would be our next assignment. Sure enough I was right! It was actually an attack from the same Juan-Ti that we had just fled from. As we awaited the train out to the southeast Salin was able to get her gift and we also looked for anyone who wanted to help with that battle. I had to help get one of Krellem’s new guards to Val has he got attacked overnight and then another one got hit by a poison dart on the way to the castle! I don’t know what is going on with those men. They almost seem like a bad omen not a good thing like everyone was assuming. We returned the egg to the lizardfolk also before heading to the train where a lot of people were waiting for us to take a ride out to the battlefront!

The train arrived at a small town about 3 days away from the barrier keep. This is where we said goodbye to Val who was going to help with anyone that was brought back from the battlefront. We continued with the majority of the forces we brought with us forward to the barrier where we talked to the general. He seemed to have things pretty well in hand but the forces we brought with us were able to finish up the little bit of the battle that was left. That night Krellem informed us that this wasn’t really the battlefront and that his chapter was actually holding off the enemy forces at a base further away from the barrier. We agreed to continue forward onto that front and help Krellem’s chapter at their base. Little did we know what we had in store out there! Some of our forces stayed behind but the bigger of our forces continued with us.

The trip to the Chapter’s base was pretty uneventful from what I remember. I honestly don’t remember much from that part though it’s almost like I wasn’t there. I do remember making the trek through the swamp easier again though which helped cut down the time to get to Krellem’s base. Once there we turned in the equipment we weren’t going to use to the base to be able to be used in whichever way was needed. Krellem went to have a conversation with his superior as we got set up in the dorm housing. We also met a few of the more powerful people in the base one of which gave us information about the attack and who was leading it. This brings me back to the Nemrith person. He was apparently leading the Jaun-Ti that we had encountered over by the elemental king to this base and was continuously attacking this base with Jaun-Ti. Nemrith was using a teleportation circle to bring the forces in and getting rid of those was probably the best way to end this attack. Also, the other us was trying to take out summoning circle as well. I don’t think that was going well at all though considering how much stronger we are than them at this point and knowing the types of forces we saw at the barrier…

Thoragen Entry Forty-Two

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