Thoragen Entry Thirty-Eight

So after we defeated Rak’Noth we decided it was time to go to the next temple. Something seems different about Sorathin but I can’t put my finger on it. Hopefully he didn’t do something like Krellem that could get him banished from Pergisursia but I guess only time will tell on that front.

The travel between temples this time was very quiet. Almost like nothing wanted to even attempt to mess with us. I can’t really say I blame whatever it is that would come after us after what we just got though. As we started to get closer to the next temple we start to notice HUGE spikes sticking out of the trees. The spikes Luon actually knew what they were but she had not seen a spike that big before. Guess that is something we will have to figure out at some point with this temple.

Cara and I entered the temple first. As we were checking for traps I was unable to detect a trap which cause something pretty amazing and pretty awful to happen. The hall way seemed to spin around. The floor became the ceiling and the ceiling the floor… The problem with that was the ceiling had a hole in it and caused Cara and I to fall all the way down this hole which hurt a lot. As Cara continually tried to climb up the wall and falling I tried to think of another way to get out.

Finally I thought about flying up there to see what Cara was doing and see if I could help her. She had found a passage but was unable to jump into it so I had to help her over and we climb through a very long tunnel and finally fell out of the mountain down a little ways. However that was after nearly losing our heads!

This temple seems like it is going to be a lot of “fun.”

Thoragen Entry Thirty-Eight

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