Thoragen Entry Thirty-Nine

So as I said this temple is going to be “fun.” Over the past couple days we have found out that there are statues that can nearly kill us in one shot. They can also destroy the stone balcony. Cara tried to open the doors on either side of the upper level which nearly got her and Luon killed.

Krellem and Salin got themselves into another adventure with some type of slim.

We all fought some type of avatar that was a huge slug. However we did find a really nice weapon that Cara will be using for the next little bit. The nice thing with that weapon is that I’m pretty sure I can actually make it. I didn’t see anything to outrageous with the weapon and yet it was very well thought of by everyone in the group.

I think more is going to be had with this temple its just a matter of what.

Thoragen Entry Thirty-Nine

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