Thoragen Entry Twenty-Eight

So we decided to see if there were more of those gel things running around the beaches. They have been causing problems for The Elemental Kingdom by sinking ships apparently. We stopped for the night on the way back up to the temple. While the watches were going on nearly the whole party got sucked into these gel things and they started to retreat into the sea. I was even sucked up. Luckily I was able to get out of the gel and fly up into the sky. All of a sudden this fish thing comes jumping up at me. Next thing I know I’m being told to come down to it. Whatever this thing was had a hold on me like nothing has ever had before. It was in my mind. I couldn’t get it out of my mind either. I just couldn’t.

I had no choice but to listen to it. I flew down to the creature. When I got down there it spoke to me again. I told me to tell everyone it was killed. It then gave me a piece of itself for proof. While I hated doing it I flew back up and launched a fireball spell down at it. As it exploded I dropped the piece of the creature and then flew down to retrieve it. I started flying back to land all happy about my kill when I noticed Cara needing help so I helped her the best I could.Once we were all back to land safely I let everyone know what happened.

While it was disgusting I decided to keep the piece of the creature with me on the way back so I could prove to The Artifact Reclamation Covenant that the creature was dead. While everyone else hated it I just had to prove that it was gone and wouldn’t be a problem anymore for The Elemental Kingdom.

I heard a knock on my door that night. When I opened the door there was a water elemental with a box. I was not expect any visitor and as soon as I took the box with the note the water elemental lost its form all over the place. Just great that means I gotta clean up now before everyone wakes up! I quickly cleaned up and went back to bed. After a while I opened the box to see what was inside. Inside were 6 HUGE black pearls. With my limited knowledge in pearls I put a value of around 1000 gold scales each. According to the note it is for me and my party. I honestly don’t know what to do.

Thoragen Entry Twenty-Eight

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