Thoragen Entry Twenty-Four

So we continued through the temple and cleared out any other enemies at least on the first level. At the end of the hall we turned the corner and a huge rock got us stuck. So we went down the stairs here and found a number of statues. These statues according to Krellem were of evil gods. I really didn’t care so much about this as they didn’t mean anything to me. I was curious how we were going to be able to get out though.

Well Krellem had the answer to that as well. After a very uneventful night of switching people out to sleep Krellum was able to change the stone and make a clearing for us to walk though the open was even big enough for himself and Luon. So we forgot about the statues and the divineless room to check out the rest of the temple.

Down the other stair case we found the magic here was working. So well that Cara didn’t see the pit trap and fell down a rather large hole in the ground. After a few seconds (and me losing a 10 foot piece of rope) Cara was able to be pulled up by Luon and tossed to the other side. This went on for a bit until we found a long hallway. This hall way had some rooms off to the sides that had old skeletons of some lizardfolk. It also continued down so far and seemed to mirror itself but the mirror was in the dark lands. Was very weird.

To end the day Krellum found a button and decided to push it without even knowing what it was going to do which is when magic was turned off again. Oh what fun!!

Thoragen Entry Twenty-Four

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