The Ur-Priests were a large organization of peoples dedicated to deicide, who were at their largest and most influential during the Age of Lies and the Age of the Citadel from the years L12557 to C3499. They worshipped Talus (who was not one of the gods at that time) as he was the first Ur-Priest, immensely powerful, and founded their order.

The Ur-Priests and The Magi declared war on the Shao-Tsur, the last and most powerful of the Fallen Titan Dynasties. With their combined might they were able to defeat the Shao-Tsur which brought an end to both Titan culture and influence as well as the Age of Lies.

Most historians attributed most of the victories to The Magi (which they didn’t deny), a fact which ultimately led to the Ur-Priests declaring war on The Magi during the “Twilight Reach”, a period in Magi history that was marked by The Magi overextending themselves. This conflict became known as The War of the Magi.

After The War of the Magi the Ur-Priests numbers were far lower than they had been in several millennia and any formal structure that was left in the organization collapsed. Several smaller cabals were left intact, they founded a new religion called The Crooked Path and essentially became the first religious followers of Talus. The Ur-Priests and the followers of The Crooked Path were instrumental in orchestrating the destruction of the Arcadian Meteor which released Talus from his prison, reigniting the war between The Empire of Farris and Talus.


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