Valoren, The Violet Bard, God of Music and Commerce

Amethyst dragon

Valoren was once the ruler of a region known as The Shattered Heights. He is thought to have banded together all of the non “True” dragon races as well as many Giants, forming one nation called “The Unbound Empire” sometime during the Age of the Citadel. Many legendary feats have been attributed to Valoren, including the ability to stop the hand of death and destroy entire mountains with a thought. He sheltered and hid the deities of the Zetil Pantheon for a time and he was granted the divine spark for his efforts in the war against Talus at the end of the Age of the Citadel.

Valoren appears as a massive Amethyst Dragon veined with the purest platinum. Occasionally he appears as a human bard dressed in fine violet silks.

Followers of Valoren are good-natured and friendly, doing their best to make a difference in the world while still making a profit. They are culturally diverse and musically gifted, holding great celebrations for the public when they have the means.


  • Followers of Valoren just aren’t that interested in being intimidating, they suffer a -10 divine penalty on all Intimidation checks.
  • Once per month the Followers of Valoren must make an offering to their god in the form of a celebration for the people. Such celebrations tend to involve a lot of song, dance, and drinking, and are always open to the public.


  • Followers of Valoren get a +1 divine bonus on all saves.
  • Followers of Valoren get a +4 divine bonus on all “artistic” Perform checks.
  • Clerics of Valoren may choose from the Balance, Commerce, Destiny, and Trade Domains, and his favored weapon is the Rapier.


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